Where to begin…

While in California I had the “joy” of finally meeting Joy from Wildflowers Photography! I had been in love with her work for a long time and was thrilled that we could finally meet in person! My first couple days here were spent in her loving home brimming with happiness, laughter, and baby giggles… AND the smell of freshly baked donuts (deserves a separate blog post)!

We exchanged photo sessions; her of my baby bump and me of her precious littles in some of the most amazing locations ever!

The night of the session; we were running late, Gracie’s dress tore, car was almost out of gas, the drive was longer then anticipated, a few emotional meltdowns, and the sun had set behind the mountain when we arrived. But I still gasped at the sheer beauty of this hidden rusty playground located in the beautiful orange orchard; branches hanging low from the weight of hundreds of ripe oranges & clementines that filled the air with a sweet citrus scent! This was a dream for me and I just went with the flow despite having missed that “golden hour”.

With the light quickly vanishing we  headed down to the orange grove!

I loved this family and shot till the light was gone… and then kept on shooting! ha.

A beautiful family inside and out. Thank you Joy, it was such an honour to capture the love in your family! I’m looking forward to more adventures with you in the future! (psst.. my family pictures next summer??!)

Check out her beautiful work here: Wildflowers Photography