I am so excited to finally reveal my new blog and branding! It’s been a long; sometimes painful, but mostly exciting process! I am beyond pleased with the final result! Joell from Image Garden saw my vision immediately and went to work making it a reality! I envisioned Β something fresh, clean, and whimsical with a touch of vintage! Thank you so much Joell.

All the “peachy” images of me throughout this site were taken by my dear friend Amanda from Amanda K Photography! We met up one lovely evening in July at a gorgeous peach orchard close to Portland, Oregon! As you can tell, we had way too much fun! The whole session was with this new blog in mind. I love peaches…mmm and can almost smell the sweet scent as we laughed, juggled, and ran through the orchard. Thank you Amanda!

Some of you may remember when I first started blogging a couple years ago, I had a tree logo. I loved it but couldn’t make it look right. So I drifted away from the tree for awhile but I missed it a lot. Jane Johnson to the rescue! I’ve since sat and stared at the little girl on the swing under this gorgeous tree for hours as I worked on inspiration for the blog. It couldn’t be more perfect! It truly symbolizes everything I wanted it to; carefree childhood summer days spent out in the country, dreaming about the future. In many ways it’s me; simply Rosie. Thank you Jane. I am so grateful!

I won’t get all mushy but I want to thank my biggest supporter; my husband Mark. He is always there for me, never fail! He is the reason I started photography in the first place and is my trusty 2nd shooter! I really could not do this without him. Thanks Love!

I will refrain from writing a novel! As most of you know, I love blogging! I have a lot of catching up to do so you’ll be hearing from me often! Thank you to all my faithful readers. I truly love hearing from you so please don’t be shy! I love “meeting” you. Mark & I look forward to an exciting year of meeting new clients/friends!

Please stay awhile and explore my new blog and come back often as I will be doing some fun give-aways later this week! And don’t forget to update your bookmarks as I won’t be posting to my old blog anymore!!