Last Friday, Thom Bargen hosted a latte art throw down!

Some of the coffee shops represented were Johnny’s JavaParlour CoffeeMake Coffee & StuffCafe Postal, and of course Thom Bargen.

A panel of judges were selected; they turned their backs as the lattes were placed on the table. Then turned around and were given the count of 3 to point at the latte they thought was the winner! Each barista was given one practice latte before presenting their final art.

This province has some very talented “latte artists”!

Beautiful art demonstrated by Raeanne from Thom Bargen.

A fabulous time was had by all! Thanks Graham and Thom for hosting!

We had to dash early but was informed later that Thom won the final bracket! Congrats!

We grabbed lattes to go and thoroughly enjoyed them on the drive home.

I’m looking forward to visiting all the other coffee shops represented!