You may remember –> this <– post from earlier in 2012!

If you are at all familiar with this beautiful family, you will know that they sold their house and all their belongings in southern California and hit the road this spring in their 1950 Spartanette trailer! Along with thousands of other instagram followers, I have thoroughly enjoyed their adventure through Joy’s amazing photography! We just happened to be travelling through Montana at the same time this summer and I spent a lovely weekend with Joy & Donny, their 4 gorgeous children, and a stray dog! hehe

I could easily write a novel about this family and my sweet friend Joy but I’ll just let the pictures tell their loving story!

Joy’s taste for decor is so amazing. I love her style and free spirit which has been passed on to her children!

We danced, ran and picked flowers in the golden sunlight in the woods in Montana… sigh!

We ended the evening in the trailer; reading, jumping on the bed, and snuggling.

Joy my friend, you are so blessed but I’m sure you already knew that. A very gentle, supportive husband and 4 beautiful, loving, and sometimes wild (hehe) healthy children! Thank you for allowing me into your humble home on the road and sharing a weekend laughing and chasing each other’s crazy children! Such sweet memories were made.

Donny & Joy have since settled into a home in Washington state! And I can’t wait to visit and play again.

Please visit Joy’s beautiful photography site: Wildflowers Photography

For a detailed tour of their Spartan trailer, click here: Our Newly Renovated Trailer Tour!

Artwork on outside of trailer by Katie Daisy!