Mark and I packed up our 3 boys and headed up to Clear Lake (Clear Lake wrapped in fall splendour) for the first weekend in October! I had 2 family session scheduled, plus we needed a fun little getaway before winter settled in! We all fell in love with the place.

We met Jason & Karly on their amazing family property in the Riding Mountains. They led us to this hidden little creek, surrounded by fall foliage, warm autumn sun beating down; it was the perfect location for a family picnic and some fun in the water!

Karly came prepared! Her grandma’s quilt, an old tin packed with delicious treats, and paper boats for the creek!

I love how this family opted to go ahead with the session despite their daughter’s broken ankle!

How lovely is this picnic? It was a huge hit!

Such a beautiful family! We feel so fortunate to have met you and can’t wait till next summer to come out and play some more!

Stay tuned for the open house of their new Bed & Breakfast that I will be covering at the end of the month! My husband has been planning menu items for months Karly, so watch out!

Check out their website: Whirlpool Road Bed & Breakfast