I’ve always loved this small tree in the field. Today while hiking past it, I decided to slip through the barbed wire fence and get up closer. It speaks to me (HA). I sat in the tall grass and listened to the wind whistling through its bare branches. It’s shape is just so good (see my logo).

I’d transplant it to my cabin if I could. I’ll be back to admire its leaves this summer.

(pic 2; I looked down at one point and noticed a dried flower had attached itself to my boot laces, not staged at all)

That wraps up another hike/adventure for Maggie and I! We did about 10 km through fields, hills, forests, mud, knee deep snow drifts, ankle deep water, climbed fences and fell through snow drifts. I thrive off of being out in nature and challenging my body. Hiking and stopping at the place where our cabins used to be, I had such a vivid image of my dad among the trees, raising his arm high to wave and smiling. This is how he always greeted anyone upon arrival at the land. It’s almost a year since he left us, missing him extra today.

xo, Rosie