Hello 2020!

I absolutely can’t let 2019 get too far away on me without posting this session with Sugar Blossom!

Kelli and I had been dreaming about doing a shoot with baby lambs for a long time. So when I discovered a friend of mine had just welcomed twin lambs on their farm we arranged to head out there on a beautiful day in April!

Thank you Kelli and Ashley for snuggling the lambs whom we named Blossom & Sugar; and modeling for me! Here are my favourite images from the shoot, which happen to all be film.


Thank you Marina for welcoming us to your beautiful farm and letting us play with your baby lambs! Can’t wait to do this again!

Floral crowns designed by Heather Page

Styling and jewelry by Kelli from Sugar Blossom

All images shot with my Contax 645 using Fuji film. Developed and scanned by Canadian Film Lab