Let’s move on to part 2 of Steven & Jaylene’s engagement session!

(See part 1 here!)

The following series I’d title as “artist’s favs”!

Jaylene loves photography! I’m sure she had an SLR before I did!

This next series needs a little explanation!

Last fall Steven’s family invited Jaylene to come along for a family vacation to New Zealand! One evening while in NZ they were camping; Steven asked Jaylene to go for a walk. Jaylene having no clue that Steven had “the” ring in his pocket. As they stopped to take in the scenery and enjoy the moment, Jaylene randomly asks Steven “what would you do if I stuck my tongue in your ear?” To her complete shock he says “I’d ask you to marry me!?” I’m pretty sure that was the last thing she had expected to hear! Ha! As you can see, she obviously said yes!

Thanks for an awesome day and asking me to capture some of your love for each other! Looking forward to your big day in August!