I took this picture 3 weeks ago. The last “normal” day before our lives fell apart. We spent that day with my mom & dad at “Austin Land of Dreams”. My mom was so happy and carefree with not a single thought that the next day tragedy would come her way. She suffered from a severe anuerysm that Saturday morning and we were given no hope that she would survive. The family rushed to the hospital to say our good byes. Miraculously she is still with us. Maybe not so much in her mind since they had to remove a portion of her brain. But her body is strong and she is fighting. At this point we just have to give her lots of time. It will be an extremely long road to recovery with many ups and downs. We are praying for a full recovery! In the mean time we have moved in with my dad since he cannot be on his own. So yes, our lives have changed drastically in a few short weeks. We are trying to adjust to this new “normal” which seems humanly impossible. But with our Lord all things are possible.

We finally have internet set up at this house and I’m trying my best to get back into editing weddings and sessions and will try to blog soon!