March; another month come and gone.

the Antler series.

“Let go, run wild with me…”

This wilderness girl finally dressed in nicer clothes, did her hair and went back to work. The city? What is this craziness!

(shooting for a lovely airbnb downtown Peg; Roam Rentals)

Meanwhile back on the home front…

(my 5th son Jonny)

And off to the cabin for spring break.

Lumberjack; my new profession.

I’ve spent many hours watching the big skies out on the deck of my cabin this year. There was one night I couldn’t sleep so I wrapped a blanket around myself and sat outside while the skies put on this magical lights show. The twinkling stars and dancing lights took my breath away. Waves of light like curtains swinging back and forth, then suddenly they would flash up all the way over my cabin. All the feels burst in me when I watch the night sky.

Delicious Easter donuts from my niece Jaylene; The Little Laketown Kitchen.

The “While I wait for Spring” series (ha)

Every spring, I have to check in on my old house to see if it survived another winter.

If I had the means to move this old beauty and restore it, I would. My dream is to restore an old home someday! Every spring, a little more wallpaper has peeled off, more ceiling plaster has crumbled and more dust gathers. Must get there with a cleaning crew one of these days. Bring some life to these old walls.

In more personal news, March was a painful month of dental work for me. After the last few years of craziness I had kept pushing it to the back burner but it was time to address some issues. Lots of jaw pain and Tylenol, but yay I’m done! Sadly MB is still has crazy restrictions with masks etc. I had to drop the gym which has been super hard for me since it’s my therapy in a sense. With my heart condition (wolfe parkinson white) I just couldn’t breath anymore. Goodbye mask, hello running and hiking in the great outdoors!

Praying all this craziness ends soon. We’ve still got lives to live and places to explore. Bring on summer!

Thanks for looking. Next time, less of me and more outdoor adventures with the days getting warmer & longer.