Happy Birthday Maggie!

We survived the first year… uh I think, sort of, maybe??

Just a little history about this oh so fluffy cute ball of fur (since everyone is always asking what kind of dog she is); we put a down payment on Maggie before she was even born, even before we knew we were expecting baby #4! In hind sight, not good timing at all! We had tried a puppy earlier that year but she was a large breed and shed handfuls of hair every day. With some allergies in the house, we sadly had to say good-bye. It was heart wrenching for the boys. But Lily went to a good home and I quickly reassured the boys I’d find another puppy for them. So after a ton of research, I found a breed that looked like a good fit for us; Goldendoodles! However they are large as well but then through a friend on facebook found a breeder that sells micro mini goldendoodles! Yes, that is a mouthful. Maggie has reached her adult size, weighing in at 2olbs. Ideally the perfect size for an indoor dog and a family of 4 wrestling boys! Plus she’s hypoallergenic! In the year that we’ve had her, I have yet to find hair in our house!  This makes me jump for joy!

All of that being said, Maggie has caused me my share of grief! She is a crazy bundle of energy and always gets into mischief! I’ll admit I’ve threatened to sell her on MANY occasions. But by now the boys are so in love with her, they know it’s just an empty threat and that I would never do it. I could share many tales of naughty Maggie with you that would make you chuckle but I’ll refrain. Maybe I need to start a “Naughty Maggie” weekly instalment haha!

If you are thinking about getting a puppy, do your research! Make sure you are fully aware of the fact that you, yes YOU, not the kids, will end up being the one caring for puppy’s needs. (not easy when you are pregnant through the hottest summer ever). We are breathing a collective sigh of relief that we made it through the first year! She is a really smart puppy and learns fast, except for the snatching food & dashing part. UGH.

That was long-winded. I’ll stop.

Here are a few out takes from her shoot!

Happy Birthday Maggie! Here’s to a less dramatic 2nd year!

(wishful thinking I know)

The burlap crown was lovingly created by my dear friend Rosella from Rosella’s Lane.

What she didn’t realize is that Maggie would be the first one wearing it! I had no intention of using it for her but saw it on my desk and ran with my ‘spur of the moment’ idea!