She’s grown from this…

to this…

in just 4 months!

Maggie is a micro-mini golden doodle. Needless to say; she gets a LOT of ooooh’s and awwww’s when I take her for walks. She is 6 months old now; does that mean her puppy stage is almost over? I sure hope so, it’s been exhausting for this pregnant mama!

I’ll be honest, most days I want to get rid of her. Good thing she’s cute, my boys love her, and hubby keeps saying it’s just my raging pregnancy hormones and not to make any rash decisions till a while after having baby. HA! “Just get through the puppy stage”, everyone keeps telling me! She’s a fur ball of endless energy. Atleast it’s a sign of her being healthy, right? As far as indoor dogs go, I do highly recommend her breed! We’ve had her for 4 months and I’ve never found a single hair in our house yet! The only time hubby sneezes is when he brushes her, so I take on that responsibility. She is the perfect size for my boys; not too small & delicate but not too big! Supposed to grow up to 20 lbs so we’ll see. I haven’t weighed her in awhile.

To all you puppy lovers out there, I have a new respect for you! I think they are more work then a child! Here’s to hoping I make it through the “puppy stage”! If you are considering getting a puppy, I suggest you do your research and understand the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. And don’t get one when you are pregnant! Lesson learned. If you are a mom and your kids want a puppy, just realize that YOU will be the one who ends up taking care of it!

Happy Monday!