Hello 2017!

To celebrate another amazing year shooting new & returning clients, I’m challenging myself to get all 2016 sessions on the blog! I’m going to try posting my fav 5-10 images from each session!

To start with, I’m blogging a session near and dear to my  heart. This is my best friend Loralie, going all the way back to our pre-teen years! I spent a weekend with her in Calgary back in May. I surprised her with a session to celebrate her as a mother; focusing on her with her babies. So I ushered her into her room, curled her hair, made a floral crown from the peonies in her yard, and styled her outfit! Of course I had to curl the girls’ hair as well and brought matching summer dresses for them! We packed the kids into the van and made a day trip into the mountains! We were rewarded with an amazingly hazy, warm spring day! Finding the perfect secluded sandy beach on a mountain lake, the kids jumped right in and started building teepees with driftwood.

I just want to say Loralie is probably the strongest, most courageous mother I know! So beautiful inside & out. I’m blessed to call her a friend.

The top 5 – 10 images quickly became my fav 30 ish images!

Sit back and enjoy!

Love you “honey bunch of oats” 😉