In May while we were in Minneapolis/St. Paul, I spent a sweet Sunday morning with the radiant mama-to-be Kari, her husband Aaron and their two beautiful little girls Kaia and Kendi!

I had “met” Kari through Instagram when I fell in love with her beautiful feed; @livinglifesmoments! You should probably check her out! So thankful our lives crossed and I was able to capture her sweet family in their charming home!

After having breakfast, changing out of pjas, running around the house and snuggles in bed, we headed outdoors to capture some of their favourite activities in the back yard! Namely, relaxing and more snuggles in the hammock and little sis giggling in the swing strung up on the giant shady tree! Also picking flowers and running back and forth on the side walks. I fell in love with this quaint family friendly neighbourhood with all it’s charming character homes!

Once again thank you thank you Kari & Aaron for opening up your home to me and allowing me to capture a little slice of your lives! I can’t wait to see baby #3 welcomed into your lives!!

I fall more and more in love with capturing families in their own homes and normal lives! Please if you are interested in one of these sessions, email me!

I’ll be coming up with a new package for these life style sessions and hoping some of you will trust me and invite me into your daily lives!