I’ve been wanting to blog this session with these beautiful people so here we go!

Lars planned this day down to all the little details so he could surprise his girl Jess while she thought she was simply modelling for a pool side shoot with Mad About Style! As she twirled and threw petals in the air, Lars slipped into the scene from behind the pool house and went down on his knee. It took Jess a bit to catch on to what was really going on and took her completely by surprise! Way to go Lars and Mad About Style team!

It was a gorgeous evening poolside with family to celebrate their engagement!

Dress: Mad About Style

Ring: Mokada Jewelry

Flowers: Prairie Blossom Farms

The following week we headed out for their official engagement session.

Jess loves sheep so Lars talked to a neighbour and had surprise # 2 up his sleeves with some fun pictures among the sheep, including bottle feeding one of the lambs who followed Jess and we nicknamed Jessica 🙂

We ended the evening at the beach and were rewarded with that gorgeous June magical light when the sun doesn’t set till after 9:30.

Congratulations Lars & Jess!

We are looking forward to your big day in June!


Rosie & Mark