Inspiration for photography hits me unexpectedly; today I was browsing girl’s dresses on Zara (don’t ask. but yes, I still want a girl haha)

This DRESS popped up and immediately I’m transported back to tropical days in Costa Rica, wearing matching dresses with my sisters that my mom sewed, knee high socks, Mary Jane shoes and braids.

L to R; Irma, Marlene, me, Vera

L to R; Marlene with kitty, Vera, and super shy little me

Vera on left. Irma, baby Janie in the sweetest yellow romper, and Marlene

Loving the patterns and colours on these dresses! I remember the picture of the youngest 3 sisters and being jealous of those dresses! Also that was taken shortly after our move to Canada. Baby Janie is the only one born in Canada; my mother was 7 ¬†months pregnant with her when they packed up a van with 9 kids and drove from Belize to Canada! My mom is my hero, wow! The only thing I really remember from that trip is stopping at rest areas, eating yummy pork & beans out of cans! Which was a huge treat haha. My parents had very little money. Which leads me down another rabbit hole….

This was my childhood home. Which really was just a shed but I have nothing but the best childhood memories. We could have lived in a mansion for all I knew! My days were carefree and filled with love, pretty dresses and barefoot (for the most part). And that Land Rover!!! My goodness, this is probably why I have the biggest pull to getting my first Land Rover type vehicle now! My dad’s beloved John Deere tractors… sigh

My dad on his John Deere in CR

See what I mean?? Now I’m down a different rabbit hole.. my daddy. Miss him so much. It’s been almost a year since he left us.

My dad, the hardest working man I ever knew. Raising chickens and growing pineapple to support his young family of 11 (almost 12).

All these images taken circa 1977-1985

Mama hen with her 4 yellow chicks

My family got their first camera in Costa Rica and these images will be treasured forever!

I’m truly so inspired by these film pictures… as I run to buy more film and start working on a summer 2021 project.

Keep taking pictures my friends! AND print them.


Rosie (AKA Rosita in Costa Rica)