This should have been a Favorite Things Friday post but instead it will be my Happy Monday post!

I really do love fall. It’s always been my favourite season, problem is; it doesn’t last nearly long enough!

Some of you may remember our little puppy we got this spring. Her name is Lily and she bounded and wriggled her way into our hearts fast! Unfortunately things didn’t work out and she is now with my brother’s family who also has her sister! She will be happy there. We miss her horrendously and have shed many tears. Lesson humbly learned; do your research before making a huge purchase like this. One that will effect your entire family life (ehem and neighbourhood). But on a positive note we do realize now that having a furry family member is something that we truly want in our future. Now we just need to find the perfect fit for our family. And yes I’ve been doing a ton of research. I’m pretty positive we’ve found the breed we all want. Now it’s time to hibernate for the winter and patiently wait for the litter to come along. Until then a furry friend in the home will be dearly missed and eagerly waited for!

Happy Monday!