I’m starting a little series where I’ll list 10 random things about me you probably don’t know!

  1. Hi. This is me. You will rarely see an image of me without my face obscured by a camera, my hair, or flowers.
  2. I’m 28 years old
  3. Ok, that’s a lie but in my head I’m forever 28. Plus my body is stronger now then it has been in a long time.
  4. I always dreamt of being a pro hockey player and winning gold for Canada. That didn’t work out so then I wanted to be a park ranger on horseback in the Canadian Rockies. But I’m really scared of bears so… no park ranger either.
  5. I spent a year rock climbing pretty much every day! I trained at the University of Calgary and scaled a 40ft wall up to 10 times in a row without resting in between and then the fire alarm went off and I had to quit (lol). Correct me if I’m wrong, climbing partner Rob.
  6. I have a crazy, scary good memory.
  7. My first vivid memory; waking up alone in a hospital in Costa Rica when I was 3 years old after having my appendix taken out. I would lie in bed with my eyes closed and refusing to open them because all the nurses wanted to see my blue eyes.
  8. I’m very stubborn and don’t cry in front of people, even when I broke my arm at age 12 and pretended it was all ok and went to bed without telling anyone how badly it hurt. Then my mom touched it in the morning and I screamed. I didn’t want a cast. Girls don’t wear casts.
  9. I grew up a farm girl and was going to marry a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed cowboy (maybe from Texas or Montana?). I married a tall, dark haired city boy from Seattle (cue Shania Twain; “I met a tall, dark, handsome man…” on repeat during the 24 hour drive home with my little sister Janie. But that’s a whole other story!) I sold my horse and my red hot Pontiac Sunbird with v6 engine (dang that car had power) and moved to the city of Seattle. Yikes! I still want another horse. Don’t want a cowboy.
  10. But now I have kids and am scared I’ll fall off the horse and break my neck so I need to be responsible! So I take pictures of horses instead!

To be continued…