I would love for my Friday posts to become more of an inspiration for blog readers. Especially brides planning their weddings or mothers trying to come up with ideas/outfits for family portraits! Or simply home decorating ideas!

Today I went thrifting and came back with a beautiful wooden apple box full of goodies!

One of the treasures in there is a pile of doilies! So let’s talk doilies…

I used to turn my nose up at them thinking they were such a “grandma thing”. But now I see the beauty and potential they have to offer!

I love the different textures and creamy tones! It instantly adds a touch of timeless romance.

Here are just a few of many possibilities these beauties have to offer!

(photo credits: 1.Heather Bullard 2.Dottie Angel 3.Ruffled Blog)

Dollies also look beautiful when used in place settings. Especially paired with mismatched china.

Also try adding old books! I couldn’t resist these tattered books today; I’m drawn to anything with texture and character. So if you are throwing a party or planning your wedding; you can never go wrong with mismatched china and old books! I simply use them in my home for decor and pull them out when we have guests or if I need them as props for a photo session!

I especially LOVE this idea for old books! Rip out pages and attach to a wall or use brackets to hold up books as a shelf!

(photo credit: Ruche by Stephanie Williams)

And last but definitely not least, I am so in love with this new design by Prairie Blossom Boutique!

These mohair baby pixie hats are not in her shop yet but will be soon!

I can’t wait to have this modelled on a newborn. And if I had a baby girl… sigh; I’d be purchasing it instantly!

Happy weekend!