I spent a lovely afternoon in my good friend Sherry’s kitchen, documenting a mother and daughter cookie baking session! We had such a great time and I love the beautiful light in her home! Sherry spends hours in her kitchen every day, perfecting recipes! I wish some of that passion for cooking would rub off on me!! Everything I’ve ever tasted coming out of her kitchen is amazing! I’ve been so grateful for her since we’ve been car pooling our boys to and from school! All the goodies she delivers are a huge hit and disappear fast in this house full of boys!

Since it was during the holidays, we decided to go with sugar cookies and frosting! She also whipped up a batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies and fresh scones!

Dana was such an excited little helper! And sooo cute!


I’m off to find some food in my kitchen! hehe

Thanks Sherry! I’m so glad we took the opportunity to do this!

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