With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend I want to dedicate a post to some of the amazing mothers that have graced my camera!

As a mother of 4, I know this is the hardest yet most rewarding job on earth. Capturing those real, exhausting, lovingly intimate moments between a mother & child(ren) is the reason I picked up a camera and started shooting in the first place! All those fleeting, sometimes tearful moments need to be captured with fine art photography and hung on your walls and printed into books! Trust me mamas, you need to lay aside your busy lives and hundreds of excuses and get into the pictures with your children. When I almost lost my mother to a massive annuerysm 4 years ago, the first thing we did is dig through all those pictures we had stored on our phones and folders of us with our dear mother!  Your children will thank you some day! They will look beyond what we think is post baby fat and bags under eyes and see the interaction and love in your eyes and the way you hold them! You’ve earned all that blood, sweat and tears! Wear it proudly, glam yourself up a little or just be real (which I love) and let me come hang out with you for a day! I’ve given birthing, breast feeding, and child rearing advice to many mothers as we chat and shoot (not saying I have a ton of wisdom but it takes a community to raise those little ones!)

Sooooo….all that being said, I want to dedicate the month of May to all you mamas! Send this blog post to your husbands or your children and give them that subtle hint of a photo session for Mother’s Day! If you book this month, I’ll walk you through a brief styling interview and give you a $100 discount off my normal priced sessions! Shoot me an email through my contact page, or directly to rosie@simplyrosie.ca

Sit back and enjoy this post of all these brave, beautiful mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day!