04.13.2020 You were so loved. You are missed every day. xoxo Rosie


A year ago…

A year ago on Easter Sunday, the family gathered around my Dad's bedside to say our goodbyes. How has it been a year? We were never able to have a proper memorial for him. Some days it all still seems so [...]


Inspiration from childhood…

Inspiration for photography hits me unexpectedly; today I was browsing girl's dresses on Zara (don't ask. but yes, I still want a girl haha) This DRESS popped up and immediately I'm transported back to tropical days in Costa Rica, wearing matching [...]



"While I am learning to make peace with the plans that fell apart, I am learning to breathe deep and keep an open heart to the hope-filled possibility that there is more ahead of me." I'm happiest in the wilderness and [...]


Sunday musings…

I've always loved this small tree in the field. Today while hiking past it, I decided to slip through the barbed wire fence and get up closer. It speaks to me (HA). I sat in the tall grass and listened to [...]


February 2021; my life in pictures

More winter hibernating, more cabin time and the big news in my life; gyms opened up again after 3 months of lock down! Oh hey, it was the Super Bowl and I wore something other then tights or joggers. Board games [...]


December 2020, my life in pictures

I decided to challenge myself and start picking up my camera to document my life; my boys, their world (remember that blog I had YEARS ago?) AND then make time to blog the images! Here is December 2020. Using any camera [...]


Oceanside pink cottages & surfers

Hello. Here is a collection of film & digital images from Oceanside, California. I love exploring small surf towns with camera in hand. The vibes I get are dreamy and exhilarating. Sit back and enjoy this little tour of pink cottages, [...]


Santa Cruz & Big Sur

Hello I recently did a 2 week trip to California, right before the chaos of COVID-19 started. Phew! My friend Noella joined me for the first week. We flew in to San Francisco, rented a car and drove down the coast [...]

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