Inspiration from childhood…

Inspiration for photography hits me unexpectedly; today I was browsing girl's dresses on Zara (don't ask. but yes, I still want a girl haha) This DRESS popped up and immediately I'm transported back to tropical days in Costa Rica, wearing matching [...]


Logan; belly to 12 months!

I've been wanting to share this personal project with you so I made some time today to put this collage together! I decided when Logan was born that I'd document him every month for the first year; same pose, same location! [...]


Best of 2012 – personal

Earlier this year I posted my fav Instagram pictures of 2012, saying I'd share my favorite "big camera" pics as well. This is delayed but better late then never, right? Here is a look at our 2012 (Image of me after [...]


Is it spring yet?

(from the archives) Anyone else longing for spring? It's very slow in coming this year... as I look outside and still see brown grass, mud, and mounds of dirty snow. Happy weekend everyone!



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