Flower power…

Take one glance at my Instagram profile and you'll see I've gone snap happy with all the gorgeous blossoms surrounding me! It was an extra cold, long winter so we appreciate this beauty all that much more! Happy June! Now get [...]


13 years!

Two iPhone images from yesterday! We celebrated 13 years of marriage! I apologize for the lack of posts on here. Working to improve that! xoxo


A day in my life…

I continue practicing my daily latte pour, something I look forward to every morning. And my sweet baby settled into a long afternoon nap. xoxo


A week in my life…

...via Instagram and iPhone. A very cold week spent indoors; coffee, cinnamon rolls, cake, sisters, flowers, napping, dreaming of pretty shoots, creating, and trying to stay warm. Happy Friday!


A day in my life…

On this blustery winter morning I'm enjoying my coffee and trying to hang frames. I'm starting this new series called "A day in my life..." just to make this blog a little more personal and fun! So I'll randomly post some [...]



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