Admitting defeat…

We are on the last day of May and I still haven't posted April pics, sigh. So here are a few more polaroids because I'm thoroughly enjoying shooting old school! I've been shooting and styling a lot of client work so [...]


My youngest 2…

....I may have bribed them to do a little modeling for me! But we ended up having a blast and made me remember how I used to take them out all the time when they were little-er and sometimes I miss [...]


Feeling a shift…

....deep within. Letting it come out to play in my personal photography; drawing inspiration from 1970s/1980s sun soaked, carefree childhood days in the tropics. Just ride this with me and see where it takes me/us. PS; working on posting my April [...]


Happy Birthday Andrew!

This is 14! And after all these years, he still wants my donuts! Keep smiling through these tough times boy! Mama loves you. xo Rosie (AKA mom)


March 2021 – my life in pictures

March; another month come and gone. the Antler series. "Let go, run wild with me..." This wilderness girl finally dressed in nicer clothes, did her hair and went back to work. The city? What is this craziness! (shooting for a lovely [...]


A year ago…

A year ago on Easter Sunday, the family gathered around my Dad's bedside to say our goodbyes. How has it been a year? We were never able to have a proper memorial for him. Some days it all still seems so [...]


Inspiration from childhood…

Inspiration for photography hits me unexpectedly; today I was browsing girl's dresses on Zara (don't ask. but yes, I still want a girl haha) This DRESS popped up and immediately I'm transported back to tropical days in Costa Rica, wearing matching [...]



"While I am learning to make peace with the plans that fell apart, I am learning to breathe deep and keep an open heart to the hope-filled possibility that there is more ahead of me." I'm happiest in the wilderness and [...]


Sunday musings…

I've always loved this small tree in the field. Today while hiking past it, I decided to slip through the barbed wire fence and get up closer. It speaks to me (HA). I sat in the tall grass and listened to [...]

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