You may remember April and Heather from my styled session give-away I hosted last spring! They were one of the finalists in a very close contest! Despite not winning, they decided to go on an adventurous road trip to come see my anyway! I was excited and so honoured that they’d drive 18+ hours for a photo session so I threw my heart into this one! We opted for a road trip theme, it just seemed fitting! This was back in October on an unusually hot fall day!

When you go on road trips, you must eat at vintage diners! So this is where we met and started the session. I don’t think I’ve ever had clients who laughed as hard and were as happy as these two! It was such a fantastic day!

The old jukebox was a hit and got the girls rocking to the tunes!

For the 2nd part of this session we headed to a nearby park. It was so beautiful with all the crunchy leaves on the ground! The highlight for me was the amazing VW bus we got to use as a prop! A fabulous orange colour with it’s original plaid interior… sigh. A huge thank you to my friends; Anny, Shaune, & Lola for letting us borrow it!

Coming up to Canada, they needed to experience something Canadian so I picked up the Pop Shoppe sodas! Plus I totally adore the chubby colourful bottles! And of course we had to find a few maple leaves!

Heather and April are not only best friends but are also business partners! They are the talent behind Ah Snap Images! Being photographers, it was just natural to incorporate their passion into the shoot! I really wanted this session to show their fun, inseparable, BFF relationship! So we just took it easy, relaxed and played. And I truly adored their style! The evening went by way too fast. And as you can tell, it was a blast!

Thank you ladies for making the trek up to see me!

All the best to you lovely ladies!