Just a small recap; I decided to start a little (big) tradition when my boys turn 16! I’d take them on a “mother & son” adventure. Well Nicholas is my oldest so he was the first one up! We started planning our trip about a year ago and decided Belize would be the perfect destination.

A little back story; I was born in Belize! Although I was only 6 months old when my family moved on to Costa Rica; I still have plenty of uncles, aunts and cousins who live down there! One of my sisters and her family spend every winter in Belize so Nicholas has been dying to go visit them. We spent 2 weeks adventuring and enjoying the HOT tropical weather! We had the best time and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to show my birth country to my son!

I thought I’d share the rest of my film images from the trip here!

This first image was taken at Big Rock Falls in Mountain Pine Ridge forest reserve. The day had not gone as planned so we didn’t have as much time here as I would have liked to. The roads to get here are awful and it takes forever to get there. Although the sights are beautiful, I would definitely recommend getting an early start, finding your waterfalls (making sure roads aren’t washed out which they were in our case) and practice caution on the horribly bumpy roads.

We also went to a couple different mayan ruins. Which are completely spectacular! But again, get an early start before the intense heat of the day!

I run away from tour guides, it’s just my nature haha. I like to do things my way and not be limited or have to listen to hours of history (sorry I’m not a historian). I completely appreciate history but am happy to read about it on my own time. The huge advantage to having family in Belize is the freedom to explore and go to all the places that aren’t as touristy. And being surrounded by people who know and understand the way things are done in a country like Belize.

Tubing down rivers on hot days is a favourite past time, especially on a Sunday afternoon!

The emerald and crystal clear waters are so refreshing!

One of my cousins owns this citrus farm with a river running through it. Such a hidden gem in the jungle!

We also spent a few days with cousins who live on the beach in Placencia!

Beach/ocean days were definitely our highlights!

How cute is this pink little play house on the beach? Swing on porch included. Every little girl’s dream!

If you are a coffee snob like I am, finding a good cup is quite the challenge! Def visit Above Grounds Coffee in Placencia. The iced latte was delicious and so refreshing!

Another must visit while in Placencia is gelato from “TuttifruttiĀ Gelateria”. So good!!

If you wander away from the beautiful resorts, I was quite surprised by how dirty and full of trash the cities and road sides are. Which is really sad to see in such a beautiful country!

Our last two days were spent at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge!

This resort is nestled into the lush mountains with amazing views and immaculate cottages and grounds. Nicholas and I thoroughly enjoyed winding down and just being pool side and eating delicious food. I definitely recommend this place!

Ok so people are asking; would I go again? Yes definitely! BUT I would spend most of my time at the ocean. I couldn’t get enough of the warm turquoise waters! Although it was nice to see more of the country side and staying inland; now that I’ve done that, next time would be on one of the many Cayes scattered all around Belize!

Huge thank you to my sister and all my amazing cousins who helped make this trip happen! I left Belize feeling so much love for my cousins!

Until next time…

All images except this last one (which is an iPhone 7 pic) taken with my Contax 645 and fujifilm PRO 400H.

I have many more digital images from Belize but haven’t decided weather I should blog them. Thoughts? Let me know!