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James & Anna – wedding video

Hello. I did a little something. Something that's a first for me! Last summer I flew out here to surprise a dear friend of mine for her "covid" elopement wedding. Since I was not the designated photographer, I decided to throw [...]


Sunsets & heart rocks – 07.21.2021

Camano Island, WA I could get used to this island life... The PNW is growing on me this summer. I've realized it doesn't matter where I am, as long as I'm outside, I find my way through all sorts [...]


Rest – 07.20.2021

Camano Island, WA Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it.   Even though you want to run. Even though it's difficult. Even though you are not sure of the way through. Healing happens by [...]


In the fog – 07.15.2021

Camano Island, WA "I found you without looking, and love you without trying." -Mark Anthony (pssst, do you spy the hummingbird? flew into my viewfinder just as I clicked the shutter) xoxo Rosie


April – June; my life in pictures

Since I haven't taken time to post pics from last few months; here are April - June in small squares! In other news, we are headed to Seattle for the summer! Looking forward to creating more memories and sharing them with [...]


Cotton candy skies

One of those magical evenings. Sitting on the cabin deck with the boys well past midnight; feeling so blessed. At midnight we walked out into the field and watched lightning storms all around us, but millions of stars overhead and northern [...]


Admitting defeat…

We are on the last day of May and I still haven't posted April pics, sigh. So here are a few more polaroids because I'm thoroughly enjoying shooting old school! I've been shooting and styling a lot of client work so [...]


My youngest 2…

....I may have bribed them to do a little modeling for me! But we ended up having a blast and made me remember how I used to take them out all the time when they were little-er and sometimes I miss [...]


Feeling a shift…

....deep within. Letting it come out to play in my personal photography; drawing inspiration from 1970s/1980s sun soaked, carefree childhood days in the tropics. Just ride this with me and see where it takes me/us. PS; working on posting my April [...]



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