I realize it’s almost February and that I’m posting a session from August! But this one is too good not to share!

Anastasia met up with me last summer when we spent some time on Camano Island, WA. I love how she really wanted this stage in her life and boys captured! She senses it’s a fleeting time before they hit their teenage years and life gets completely crazy. Thank you Stace, such an honour to capture you and your sweet boys! Next time, we are throwing your husband in front of the camera as well! hehe

I couldn’t pick my favourites, there are too many! So I’ll just share a bunch with you!

If you are in Whistler, she’s your girl with some crazy talent behind the camera!

*Anastasia Photography*

Also, check out her pictures from that day!  >here<

Can’t wait for our next play date! You are a gem Stace!