First of all Happy New Year to all my readers! (if there are still any of you)

I’ve been too quiet on the blog this year. With a lot of unexpected events in my personal life, it left little time to post previews of all my weddings and sessions. So I’m going to try and do a quick recap here for you!

A huge thank you to all my amazing clients turned friends who made this year so special for me! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and cozy up to read through this lengthy post!


Rory & Kelsey engaged

Prairie Blossom Boutique

Sugar Blossom

Lloyd & Sarah engaged!

Macarons by Holly

Connor’s surprise proposal to Jewel!

Academy Florist, behind the scene.

Alpine Baby Co.

Stephen & Neta in Belize

Academy Florist foraging


Best friends session

Nigel & Cassie

Sugar Blossom Summer 2014 look book.

A beach tea party.

Russ & Tiffani

Lloyd & Sarah

The Poulin family

The White House Boutique & Be Crafty Workshop!

Nick & Lindsey family

Rej & Kelli

The McCartney family

Cor & Jer baby announcement!

Ronnie & Robyn engaged!

Jay & Brittany engaged!

Connor & Jewel

Ryan & Sheena and Baeya

Neil & Nikki and family

Lily and Nathanial

Brett & Bethy and Clark

Andrew & Tessa

Mairen & daughters

Joel & Stacy and family

Rory & Kelsey

Sugar Blossom Fall 2014

Johann & Nola engaged!

Paul & Leigh-Ann and Hux

Mark & Christin and family

The Reimer family

Lyle & Mel and Chet

Kyle & Carly engaged

Academy Florist

Prairie Blossom Boutique

The Hale family

Susy and Milla

Anthony & Madison expecting!

Ben & Laura and family

MV Florals

Jeremy & Corlana expecting!



If you made it through this entire post, congratulations!

A huge thank you once again to all my clients, friends, muses, and family for blessing this blog with your lovely selves!

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you again in 2015 and hopefully meeting lots of new faces as well!