I was really excited when my friend Rosella asked me to come help set up and photograph her son’s kite themed birthday party! She is so incredibly talented I knew it was going to be good and I was not disappointed!

I asked Rosella to describe the party for me so here are her words:

“With so much inspiration all around, I just had to organize a party for my son’s birthday. Most of the items we used were thrifted, free or handmade.

The ladder (which we cut in half) and those awesome table legs were left on the curb for free pick-up and there was no way I was going to leave them for someone else… they had to come with us! Shortly thereafter, I found panels of white fence boards that would do so perfectly as a table top. With my hubby’s help we ended up with this neat table and I worked around that for the rest of the party. With aqua being one of my favourite colours this summer and convinced that my son would adore a kite themed party, I started planning. I made the kite frame out of wood skewers and added the fabric. I designed the little food trays and my hubby had them whipped up in no time. I had no idea they would be such a big hit for the little guys! The napkins were handmade, as well as part of the table runner. I feel the wire table runner adds a rustic touch thats perfect for this party.

My aim was simple finger foods that I could prepare beforehand and it worked out quite nicely. The kite cookie pops, whoopie pies, pinwheels, cheese straws and ruffle pie crust dippers were all made in advance. I was surprised at how easy it was to ruffle the homemade pie crust on lollipop sticks and they turned out perfectly!

Paper and wire serve as caps for the juice jars. I first saw these milk jars beautifully wrapped and tied with string on the Hostess blog and thought that was the neatest idea ever and had to give it a try!

Now, how to set the table and photography the party? Thats where I got lost. Rosie from Simply Rosie Photography was sweet enough to come by to set up and photograph the table! I’m in love with her style, photography, and so fortunate to have her so close. She has a way of capturing anything and everything in the loveliest of ways. Huge thank you to Rosie!”


I thoroughly enjoyed photographing your party Rosella!

Check out her blog: Rosella’s Lane

Make sure you click on her etsy shop to view more of her beautiful creations!