Meet my lovely friends Tyler & Jessie from One Plus One Design!

I was so thrilled when they contacted me last spring and wanted to get together! So we invited them out for brunch on a Saturday; our creative minds clicked and we instantly started grinding out ideas for possible photo shoots & projects! As they were in the process of rebranding they wanted updated pictures of them to use on their new website. We opted for an antique store for the shoot since we both share a passion for old things!

First of all, I’m in love with their logo! Isn’t it genius? They incorporated the bows into their styling for the session. It was fabulous!!

We had a blast invading the store and finding all these perfect little nooks and crannies for pictures.

So if you haven’t already; you must check out their website! Click here!

I first saw their designs in their own wedding pictures and it was love at first sight, teehee. Be sure to browse through their work. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a bunch of pictures from a product shoot I did with Jessie in August. So be sure to check back, you’ll be amazed by their talent!

Here is a little peek at their very own inspiration board in their home!

Hair bows & bow ties by OH Happy Day Accessories in Winnipeg!