That’s the word that comes to mind when I see these images of my sister Vera, expecting baby # 10.

Yes 10, that is not a typo! I’m so proud to call her my sister! Baby is due today so I thought I’d post these before he/she makes his/her grand entrance! I took these images in early March, before the snow melted but it was a beautiful warm evening!

YOU my dear, are gorgeous! And very blessed!

You are in our prayers this week. Can’t wait to get “the” call!

Love you!

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Jodi Lee Absolutely beautiful.

Jessica Deane Breathtaking! Cant wait to see the newborn shots :)

Heather Bowser How wonderful! I have 11 :)and love to hear of others having large wonderful families. She IS radiant…

Kimberly Chorney Beautiful keepsake photo’s… gosh she is so radiant! cannot wait to hear boy or girl!

Alice W. Beautiful…love your work! Just discovered it through an etsy shop and am completely enamored :)

keli these are stunning, rosie. vera is such a beautiful subject, and i cannot wait to hear the big news!!

Danielle Absolutely gorgeous!

Martha she sure is radiant!!!

Alisia K simply breathtaking.
..just wow!!

Josh Love your style!

molly aw very looks stunning! LOVE these so much.

admin thank you Josh!

Kim @ Starry Sky Ranch As a mama to ten myself I can assure you this is an incredible gift you have given her. She is breathtaking indeed. What a treasure.

elizabeth pellette These are just gorgeous images.. love them.. did she have the baby yet

Maggie Fortson These are breathtaking! Her hair piece is beautiful and so is that light! Congrats to her ;)

Mandy What gorgeous portraits of a special lady. I love the softness!

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