Tiffani & Russ married! Part 2

(See part 1 here)

Russ & Tiffani’s farm was all that we needed for beautiful backdrops! Barn, pond, and wide open fields!

The ceremony added some excitement in the day! Just as the bride was about to walk in, a thunderstorm rolled through! Everyone that could, ran for cover or brought out their umbrellas and we waited out the storm.

Take 2 worked like a charm and the grey clouds and distant thunder added the perfect touch!

For the reception we headed into Winnipeg to the gorgeous ball room in Fort Garry Hotel! Russ’s mother being the owner of A Touch of Glass, the ball room was decked out with the most amazing linens and decor! From lace, to ruffles, to sequins; it was stunning!

I had to include a bunch of these details!

When a couple disney princesses show up to spend time with the kids…

They laughed, danced, (and some slept) the night away!

Gown designer: Hayley Paige, Bliss Bridal / Hair: Somboun at Prep Hair / Make up: Kristy Greig / Bouquet: Academy Florist / Groom & groomsmen suits: EPH Apparel / Fresh flower centre pieces: Academy Florist / Silk flowers: Touch of Glass / Linens: Touch of Glass / Cake: PS Cake Designs, iced & decorated by aunt / Disney princesses: A living fairy tale / Candy table, banners, place setting cards, and table numbers all DIY by the bride!


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Tiffani & Russ married! Part 1

Russ & Tiffani got married on their farm on a very hot Saturday in July! The wedding was filled with Tiffani’s amazing style from beginning to end! I loved spending the morning in their light-filled cozy home with Tiffani’s bridesmaids and 2 darling daughters! She emphasized that the “getting ready” shots were ones she really looked forward to, and honestly it’s always one of my favourite parts of the day! It’s a time to chat, get the ladies comfortable in front of the camera, grab those detail shots, and those fun, intimate, moments of anticipation! Sit back and enjoy these images!

While I was going camera crazy with all this beauty around me, Mark got a few images of the boys prepping for the day!

Stay tuned for many more images from Russ & Tiffani’s big day!

Gown designer: Hayley Paige, Bliss Bridal / Hair: Somboun at Prep Hair / Make up: Kristy Greig / Bouquet: Academy Florist / Groom & groomsmen suits: EPH Apparel

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He waits…

He waits. For 3 weeks now he’s waited for his love of 52 years. He strokes her, whispers sweet nothings in her ear, pleads with her to come back to him, laughs with her when she says silly things, cries when he leaves to go back to his house without her, lays his head on her chest, tells her stories, hopes and dreams of more years with her, but also told her she could go… this right here is true “till death do us part” love…

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My absence…

I took this picture 3 weeks ago. The last “normal” day before our lives fell apart. We spent that day with my mom & dad at “Austin Land of Dreams”. My mom was so happy and carefree with not a single thought that the next day tragedy would come her way. She suffered from a severe anuerysm that Saturday morning and we were given no hope that she would survive. The family rushed to the hospital to say our good byes. Miraculously she is still with us. Maybe not so much in her mind since they had to remove a portion of her brain. But her body is strong and she is fighting. At this point we just have to give her lots of time. It will be an extremely long road to recovery with many ups and downs. We are praying for a full recovery! In the mean time we have moved in with my dad since he cannot be on his own. So yes, our lives have changed drastically in a few short weeks. We are trying to adjust to this new “normal” which seems humanly impossible. But with our Lord all things are possible.

We finally have internet set up at this house and I’m trying my best to get back into editing weddings and sessions and will try to blog soon!


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Featured in Wedding Bells!

Huge thank you to Wedding Bells for featuring Nathan & Amber in the Fall & Winter 2014 issue that hit stands this week!!


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