Corbett family – beach session!


Just thought I’d share a few favourite images from Brendon & Lynsey’s beach family session earlier this summer!


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Summer 2016 update

Hello to my faithful blog readers… if there are any left!

I’ve had full intentions on keeping this blog up to date but there is such a thing as summer and life and keeping my priorities straight. And in the process a lot of times my blog gets neglected! I’m hoping to post a few collages of sessions I’ve done this year.

In the meantime we are on a month long road trip to Seattle with many stops along the way!

I hope you are all enjoying summer!


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Celebrating 15 years – Falcon Trails Resort

On May 19th Mark & I celebrated 15 years of marriage! Part of me is thinking how can it be 15 years? But those years were filled with babies and toddlers and are really pretty much a blur. Some of those early memories seem like a lifetime ago. They were by no means easy years for me, in fact I struggled a lot. So in many ways I welcome this new chapter in our lives. I’m feeling the urge to be more present, to soak up these boyhood and teenage years with my own 4 boys. So in a sense to kick start this new chapter Mark & I felt we needed some time away. Just the two of us in a secluded location. To focus on us, regroup, rejuvenate, to celebrate 15 years under our belt and to welcome many more years with a refreshed mind set! This is where Falcon Trails Resort comes in. I had shot a wedding there 4 years ago, waddling heavy with child no. 4 almost ready to make an appearance! (Steve & Georgia wedding – part 1 & part 2) We fell in love with the resort and although we hadn’t ventured out to the Eco Cabins, we knew at some point we’d come back for an extended stay!

So for our 15th anniversary this seemed like the perfect opportunity! I’m a gal that loves to escape from civilization and busy vacation spots (not a crowd person you could say). So spending 4 days with my Love in a beautiful cabin on a secluded lake was just what I needed.    Also be warned, if you are going to be stuck in a cabin with my husband you will get served the most amazing food you’ve ever tasted! Cooking is therapy for him, reading a book and taking scenery pictures is therapy for me; I’d say that’s a pretty perfect combination! hehe

So we rented the Mahigan cabin and it was a perfect choice for us! Upon arrival, you throw all your luggage and food (mostly food for us) into their quad and they transport it for you to the cabin while we set out for the 5 km hike! We both agreed the hike is the perfect way to introduce you to the peaceful surroundings and you can feel your every day worries melt away with each step you take, setting the mood for a wonderful time away!

Ok, enough from me, I’ll let you sit back and enjoy this post!

Mark surprised me the first morning by getting up at 4am while I slept and prepared my absolute fav treat, cinnamon rolls! The fragrance of fresh rolls wafting up to the bedroom was an amazing wake up call!

Funny little story; the first day there I was sitting down on the dock reading while Mark was up at the cabin grilling salmon, all of a sudden I hear crazy crashing in the woods and look up to see a black bear racing along the shore! With my heart in my throat I ran up to the cabin faster then you could snap your fingers! hahaha… all ended up well; the bear diverted into the forest and didn’t discover me or the salmon grilling on the fire pit! Phew!

The best grilled salmon I’ve ever had, hands down!

If you’ve never had Mark’s lemon cream cheese French toast, you are missing out big time! mmmm….

Flat bread pizza grilled on the bbq!

Of course I brought my Coal & Canary candles with me!

We had rather dreary weather for a few days but I didn’t mind in the least bit! Perfect reason to keep that wood stove crackling and snuggle up with a book!

I was so excited to find a loon nest on a little island we canoed to one evening!

I fell in love with the loon’s call echoing across the lake. Finding one of the eggs destroyed by some critter or bird made me upset so I’m rooting for this lone baby to survive! I also found an antler shed, either that or it was a victim from a hunt. These little discoveries are what make me so happy. I’m crazy like that. Of course I left the antler, figured it would be good decor for the cabin!

On our last evening at the cabin I told Mark I’m hoping and praying I wake up to fog on the lake! I asked him in that case to drag me out of bed. Which he did, against my wishes at first. I mean, who even gets up before 5am? Def not me! But once we started paddling out onto the glassy lake with the mist slowly drifting all around me, my grumpiness disappeared pretty fast!

Do you spy the loon in below picture?

He/she was guarding it’s mate sitting on the nest. Pictured below! Do you see it?

A glimpse at one of the stunning new cabins available for rental starting this July!

The view from our bed was not painful at all! A perfect way to wake up every morning.

Thank you so much Falcon Trails for providing this amazing getaway in Manitoba!

–> Falcon Trails Resort <–

I hope you get a chance to check it out some day! We will most definitely be back!


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Rej & Kelli – baby on the way!

I met up for a maternity session with Rej & Kelli (Sugar Blossom Jewelry) back when we still had snow on the ground. I wanted to share this session before baby arrived but he beat me to it!

I’m thrilled for you two becoming parents and feel so honoured to have walked this journey with you through photography!

Congratulations on the arrival of beautiful baby boy Max!

Floral crown: Academy Florist / Bracelets: Sugar Blossom Jewelry


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Schmidtke family – Life at Home

When Rachel read about my “Life at Home” sessions she emailed me right away asking if I’d be willing to drive out to their home and capture her family! It’s been a rough year for them since her husband got into a horrific accident in August and spent weeks fighting for his life! Lee truly is a miracle and we wanted to celebrate that! He built this absolutely stunning house for his family but with the unfortunate turn of events they need to sell. Rachel wanted pictures of them living in this home before it sold. I loved spending the morning with them! We baked cookies, danced on the kitchen counters, snuggled in bed, ate cookies and ended with a marshmallow roast by the wood stove! Sit back and enjoy this sweet little family in their beautiful home!

Thank you Rachel, Lee, Sawyer and Miller for inviting me into your home!

I’m so grateful for clients, turned friends like you!!


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