Back when I was pregnant…

…and apparently headless!

It was a hot, muggy Sunday afternoon; the hens were clucking, roosters crowing, eggs were laid, grapes ripe on the vine, apples ready for picking and an over-due belly almost popping!

But alas; there would be no baby till 12 days later!

All images taken by me in my neighbour’s awesome backyard.

Just prepping you for Logan’s birth story that I’m hoping to post in the near future!

Happy Friday ya’ll

(ps. had to use ya’ll since I just came back from Texas ya’ll)

pps. I did hear a Texan waiter use ya’ll two times in 1 sentence. True story.

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carly-fries So cute! Love the rustic, hazy feel of the post-processing, and your “near-hatched” baby belly is adorbs! Can I ask what font your text is (As in the ‘body’ font). Thanks!

Alissa You are probably the cutest prego ever!! Beautiful pictures! :)

Kim Spears My word you are one gorgeous pregnant mama !! Can’t wait for the birth story :) xo

Kat You only heard her use ‘y’all’ twice in a sentence???! ;) he!he! I’m from Texas and y’all finds it’s way into conversations a little to much!… but I love it! :)

I hope you had a lovely trip!

These photos are beautiful!! I just love your editing and the details you always capture! Stunning!!

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