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Tiffani & Russ married! Part 2

(See part 1 here) Russ & Tiffani’s farm was all that we needed for beautiful backdrops! Barn, pond, and wide open fields! The ceremony added some excitement in the day! Just as the bride was about to walk in, a thunderstorm rolled through! Everyone that could, ran for cover or brought out their umbrellas and […]

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Tiffani & Russ married! Part 1

Russ & Tiffani got married on their farm on a very hot Saturday in July! The wedding was filled with Tiffani’s amazing style from beginning to end! I loved spending the morning in their light-filled cozy home with Tiffani’s bridesmaids and 2 darling daughters! She emphasized that the “getting ready” shots were ones she really […]

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He waits…

He waits. For 3 weeks now he’s waited for his love of 52 years. He strokes her, whispers sweet nothings in her ear, pleads with her to come back to him, laughs with her when she says silly things, cries when he leaves to go back to his house without her, lays his head on […]

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My absence…

I took this picture 3 weeks ago. The last “normal” day before our lives fell apart. We spent that day with my mom & dad at “Austin Land of Dreams”. My mom was so happy and carefree with not a single thought that the next day tragedy would come her way. She suffered from a […]

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