Favorite Things Friday

My husband and I are taking off for 5 days to celebrate our anniversary!! Just thought I'd leave you with a few of my favorite things; robin eggs and laundry hanging out to dry! (pictures taken with my iPhone) Happy Victoria [...]



...a Belizean Beauty! Delia is my cousin through marriage. I finally was able to spend some time with her when she came up from Belize to visit her sister a few weeks ago. She had emailed me before hand asking for [...]


Steven & Jaylene engaged! part 2

Let's move on to part 2 of Steven & Jaylene's engagement session! (See part 1 here!) The following series I'd title as "artist's favs"! Jaylene loves photography! I'm sure she had an SLR before I did! This next series needs a [...]


Steven & Jaylene engaged! part 1

I am super thrilled to introduce you to my niece Jaylene and her fiance Steven! It was a gorgeous day out, which has been rare this spring. So we took full advantage of it and headed out on a little adventure! [...]