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The Poulin family

I’d like for you to meet the lovely Charmaine from Charmaine Poulin Photography!

Her family travelled from Alberta to spend a week camping at Grand Beach! She emailed me a while back asking for a family shoot at the beach while they were in the province. It’s always a huge honour and a little nerve wrecking to be asked by a fellow photographer! But her family was super natural in front of the camera and we had an amazing evening at the beach! I was at ease in no time. They had pitched a little tent with sheets and got a fire going for roasting marshmallows. It was a perfectly warm, hazy summer evening!

These guys made my job easy! So full of life and laughter!

Thank you Charmaine! It was wonderful to meet you and your family!


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Happy Saturday!

Sometimes certain images jump out at me. That’s what happened with this one! So much happy and love.

More images from this session will be blogged soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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The Baldwin family

With the fall season fast approaching I thought now would be a good time to showcase this family session I did last October!

Please say “hello” to the beautiful Janelle and her family! I’m always completely honoured when a fellow photographer asks me to do their family pictures! Honoured and slightly nervous! But the light was stunning and her boys obviously used to cameras were a joy to photograph!

They share a love for collecting old comic books and cameras and brought them along for the session. I think you may have some cute little budding photographers Janelle!

The love and admiration they have for their boys was so natural and easy to photograph!

We raced, giggled, snuggled and threw leaves till that warm autumn sun dipped behind the trees, leaving us invigorated like only crisp October evenings can.

Thank you Janelle for trusting me to capture your true selves!

In the meantime, check out her photography; Janelle Baldwin Photography!


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Our little cabin in the woods…

Hello. My name is Rosie.

I take pictures. Lots.

We just came back from spending the long weekend at our little cabin in the woods! A little history on how this cabin came to be; my mom & dad own a large property in the beautiful rolling hills of southwestern Manitoba. Every spare weekend and week day in the last number of years they have spent at this property. Dreaming, grooming, making trails, clearing spaces for cabins, mowing etc. This is a piece of their heart. They do this all with the family in view! A place for the family to come together, unwind from the grind of daily life and just enjoy and cherish the time spent as a family. My mom’s dream is to one day gift each of her children with a cabin. A little place to call our own, to decorate and make a home in the woods. So each summer a few more cabins will be built and placed on the property. We were blessed with ours last summer. It’s just the shell of a cabin. Which is what I love. It’s like a clean slate to do with whatever we desire! We had many plans for this summer to start working on the inside. But alas, when my mom suffered from her aneurysm 6 weeks ago our world turned upside down and we never made it back to the cabin. So finally this weekend we hauled some of my collected items to our cabin in the woods and I tried my best to create a cozy space to crash for naps, down time, and sleeping. I love the space! We have a long ways to go, slowly but surely my visions for it will come to life. Imagine white washed plank walls, barn wood floor, big screened porch, loft… just to give you a tiny vision of what’s to come!

Come on in! Brush the mud off your boots on my pallet steps cause it’s been a muddy weekend!

Candles are snuffed… until next time!


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